How to factory reset HP laptop? (Step By Step) Guide

If you are a regular laptop user, you have experienced a fluctuation in performance. Your device may create problems when you want to work with it. The issues may be in the form of slow browsing of programs and files. In such conditions, the only way to make your laptop reliable is to restore the device.

This article will guide you on how to factory reset HP laptop in a step-by-step manner. We will provide you a complete guide on how to factory reset HP laptop windows 10. Then, we will discuss the process for windows 7 & 8. Therefore, you will get complete information regardless of the version of your laptop’s windows.

Before jumping into the process, you need to know some essential points. Let’s read about them and move forward with the next steps.

Why do we need to factory reset HP laptop?

Many times, your laptop may get an infected file from the internet. When a user browsing on the internet, hackers or other unauthorized factors try to access the data. For this task, they may attack via malware or any additional infected file.

At such points, the only way to get the answer of how to factory reset HP laptop. It is because you can not boost up the performance of the device without this action. There are some other reasons too for resetting the computer. But these are the famous and most common in the world.

How to factory reset HP laptop windows 10?

The factory reset process in windows 10 is simple and straight compared to windows 7 & 8. With the new version of windows, the process has made it user-friendly and comfortable for all users. A new person can easily complete this process as there is no need for anything.

Mainly, there are two main processes that we are going to discuss one by one.

First Method: By using Windows Settings

First, we will discuss how to factory reset HP laptop through windows settings.

  1. Just open the start menu and click on the search bar.
  2. You only have to type “Reset this PC” and click on the option.
  3. A dialogue box will open in front of you with the “Get Started” button.
  4. Click on it for the next steps.
  5. Now, you have two options that are “Keep my files” or “Remove Everything.”
  1. If you want to keep all the previously saved settings, customization, files, and programs, select the “Keep my files” option. It will keep your files stored on the laptop and reset the other excessive data. Just click on it, then click on “Next” and then on the “Reset” button.

Your laptop will re-install the OS and restart in a while. It may take a few minutes. So, keep your nerves in control and wait until the process has finished.

  1. When you do not need any file in your system after the factory reset, click on the “Remove Everything” section. A new dialogue box will be prompt up where you see two more options. These are for the confirmation to start the factory reset. You will see options named “Only the drive where windows installed” and “All Drives.”

You can choose any of these options as per your requirements.

  1. After selecting the options from the above choices, click on the next. You will now see the option “Reset” on your screen, click on it, and the process will be started. The complete reset may take few minutes. Keep in mind that you do not have to do anything else unless the process has finished.

Second Method: Without Windows Settings

Sometimes, you may have trouble regarding “singing in” to your account. The problem may be forgotten passwords or other device issues. For this, you should read about how to factory reset HP laptop without a password in this section.

Before doing this, please remove any external device like USB or other communicating media.

  1. Turn on your laptop and keep pressing F11 continuously unless you see a dialogue box.
  2. An option of “Troubleshooting” will appear on the screen. Just select it and click on next.
  3. Now, the first option will be “Reset this PC.” Mark this option to move forward.
  4. Here you will find the same options as we have discussed in the above section under Steps 5 and 6. Just follow those steps to start factory reset of HP laptop without password.

With the above process, you can efficiently complete the factory reset of HP laptop in windows 10. The process is not a complex one for all users. Therefore, you can quickly note down the above steps and start the process.

How to factory reset HP laptop Windows 7 & 8?

HP laptops with Windows 7 & 8 come up with a CD. It is because you can restore your computer to the default settings in an easy manner. You can also learn about how to factory reset HP laptop without CDs if you do not have one.

There is no complexity in getting this CD as it is available in the market. So, you can quickly get it from sellers to start the process. Anyhow, let’s start reading about the steps you have to follow for the perfect reset.

  1. Just reboot your laptop or start it. Keep pressing F keys or a combination of keys to get a dialogue box for reset. The key selection depends on the version or model of the laptop. It is better to look at the manual to get an exact idea about the key selection.
  2. A screen will prompt up in front of you with complete instructions or steps. You only have to confirm that you want a factory reset of your HP laptop. Then, the process will start and complete in a few minutes. For completing the process, the computer will take a while. Do not ever touch any other key during this process because it may be harmful to your data.
  3. After a few minutes, a screen will be shown with the Reset completed notification. Your laptop now has all default settings. It means you will get a device the same as when you bought it from the market.

The Final Note

No matter which version of Windows you have on your device, you need to complete the process carefully. You can lose your data with a single mistake, and it is almost impossible to get it back after reset.

It is best to get a backup of your data before starting the process. If you can not do this backup, start and complete the process with the above steps carefully. You will get your new laptop in the end and start working smoothly.


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