How to connect laptop to TV? – Ultimate Guide 2022

The laptop has become common in the entire world for multiple uses. For instance, you use them to communicate in meetings and play games as well. Sometimes, you find the Screen of the laptop small for your concerns.

It mostly happens when you want to enjoy a movie with your friends or family. Also, you might face this while you need to hold a meeting on a large scale where many people will come. Many people use a projector to face a huge audience.

But a laptop can be connected with a TV efficiently to complete this task at a small level. When you need to communicate with 5-10 people, you can use this feature. It is an inexpensive way to complete your task and enjoy beautiful moments.

In this article, we will tell you how to connect the laptop to a TV wirelessly. We will discuss all those points that you need to follow. In the end, you will get to know how to connect the laptop to a TV with a USB or wire. Just stick with us till the end to get the right way of connection.

Why Connect a Laptop with a TV?

There might be multiple reasons, as mentioned above. In some cases, you want to enjoy a movie with your family and have a happy time. You can not do this on a small laptop because not every person will watch it.

Similarly, when you are presenting something to many people. It can not be done with a laptop’s screen. Everyone must view what you are describing to them for proper understanding. That is why you need a laptop to connect with a larger screen device that is a TV.

How to Connect Laptop to TV wirelessly?

It is not a complicated method because of the user-friendly interface of Windows and laptops. You only have to follow some steps to get both your devices connected for further usage. For a wireless connection, you should get a smart TV that is available in the market.

Without a smart TV, you can only connect your device with the help of a cable. Let’s get a look at the process of without wires connection.

  1. First of all, change the source of your smart TV as Screen mirroring. You can do this by using your TV remote. Now, you can see a screen with the TV name that will show that you have changed the source.
  2. Go to your laptop and click on the start button. Go to “Settings” manually or type it in the search box. Once you have opened the control panel or search section, search connected devices there.
  3. In the connected devices section, the “Add a device” option will be visible on the top. Just tap on it, and you will see nearby devices with which you can make a connection. One of those devices will be the name of your TV.
  4. Click on your TV name, and it will be connected to your laptop. The device will be saved for next time usage too. You will be easy and reliable when you need to connect your TV next time.

Now, you can see your laptop’s screen on the larger Screen. Your laptop will start mirroring the screen on that device. It is also called Screen mirroring for this quality.

How to Connect Laptop with TV with HDMI cable?

It is a pretty easy method to connect a TV with a laptop. People use this method when they do not have a smart TV. Yes, you can not connect without a cable if you do not have a smart TV. for such reasons, you should get an HDMI cable.

Almost every user has a specific port for this task. You would have to use that post instead of a USB port. If you are using a USB port, it will not connect both devices at all. Because of a specific shape, you can easily differentiate between a USB port and an HDMI port.

Another way is using a VGA cable. The main reason behind this cable usage is that many laptops do not support HDMI cable. So, you can use a VGA cable instead of it.

The method will be the same for both cables that we are going to describe here.

  1. After connecting a cable, press “Windows + P.,” It will immediately show all the display options. Three main options will include Duplicate, Extend, and Second Screen only.
  2. When you want to get only a PC or laptop’s screen view on the TV, select the first option. The TV screen will be removed, and you will get a laptop view on the Screen. It is just like mirroring the laptop’s Screen on a large scale.
  3. In some cases, you need a laptop as well as a TV screen. It happens mostly in meetings or presentations when you have to work on multiple windows. You can not replace them quickly and often during the task. In such conditions, you need to click on the “Extend” option. It will show all the windows opened on the laptop. So, you can quickly identify and convey your message.
  4. The last option that is “Second screen only,” will let you check the TV screen only. It will work as a laptop screen for you and communicate with people on a larger scale.


By connecting your laptop with the TV, you can easily adjust the screen resolution. It will improve your view skills and change the color along with dimension. Every single action will be shown on TV screen that you will do with a laptop.

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