Best Laptops for Autocad (2022) Top Picks & Buying Guide

Whether you are an engineer or a construction planner, you need a laptop. Without the best laptop, you can not work on your project. Being a professional, you should get the best laptops for Autocad.

Autocad is one of the essential software for a designer and planner. A professional person can not work correctly without getting this device. Many people think that Autocad is an ordinary software to do drawings or 2D project presentations.

This is not where the software stops providing services. That is why you need the best laptop for Autocad. Without the best laptop, you can not work on your project correctly. A designer may need to work with many other software too.

By keeping all these considerations in view, you should find the best laptop for Autocad and Revit. It will help you a lot in getting the expected results during your project.

This article will go through some features to look for the best laptop for Autocad 2022. Furthermore, we will go through some unique and admirable products too. With this list of features and products, you can easily extract the best desktop for Autocad 2022.

Let’s start reading without wasting more time.

Top picks of the Best Laptops for Autocad

In this section, we will check some appropriate and long-lasting products. You will get your desirable device if you read the following areas carefully. You may also get a look at the following comparison table for the top 3 picks on the list.

Comparison Table of Best Laptops for Autocad 2022

1ASUS ZenBook Check Price
2MSI Creator Check Price
3Acer Spin 5 Check Price
4CyberpowerPC Tracer III Slim Check Price
5Samsung Galaxy Book Flex Check Price
6Microsoft Surface Laptop 2
Check Price
7Acer Aspire 5 Check Price
Check Price
9Prostar NH77DPQ Check Price
10HP Spectre x360 Check Price

1.ASUS UX534FTC-AS77 ZenBook 15 Laptop

Best Laptop for Autocad

Quick Features
  • Display Screen: 15.6’’
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • CPU Speed: 4.9 GHz

When you are looking for an innovative laptop for Autocad, you should get this. It will help you a lot in your task regarding speed, resolution, and storage. You would not need to worry about these features on this laptop.

Wider Display Screen

The laptop has 15.6 inches screen to display every single particle on it. You can quickly look at every spot of the image with appropriate focus. Being a designer, you need to pay a little attention in this regard, and you will get what you want.

Furthermore, its 4K UHG view will enable you to look at the screen from any side. You can quickly get a look at the design on the screen, even from the side. It means that you will view the screen from any side of the laptop.

Smooth and Responsive ScreenPad

This is the best ASUS laptop for Autocad because of its multiple features. One of those innovative qualities, it has been assembled with 5.6 inches screen pad. This touchscreen feature is so sensitive that you will be able to write on it with a little touch.

It will not demand to push the screen or click on it firmly. But you can quickly write or draw anything on it with a gentle touch. So, it will enable you to remove, edit or design any image on it.

Powerful Processor

The company has launched this machine with the powerful and latest processor. Its Intel Core i7 is a fast working processor to give you responsive outcomes. For a designer, it is terrible to wait for minutes while he is using the software.

He may get harmful results in his success. So, the company has made this laptop the best for Autocad in this dimension. In this way, you will get it appropriate for all kinds of designs. The speed will also be boosted with the help of 16 GB RAM.

  • Secure with facial recognition
  • Innovative and latest
  • Powerful processor
  • Larger display
  • Reasonable price
  • Short battery life

2.MSI Creator 15 A10SFS-287

Best Laptop for Autocad

Quick Features
  • Display Screen: 15.6’’
  • RAM: 32 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • CPU Speed: 2.3 GHz

Some people love to work with a decent laptop in the field. Are you also one of those people? Then, you are at the right section of the article. It is a reliable, attractive, and durable laptop for Autocad. You would not need to replace it for a long time.

Responsive Keyboard

For a designer, it is essential to use different keys of the keyboard. Also, he needs a keypad that is smooth and sensitive too. So, you should check the nature and sensitivity of the keyboard before buying it.

This laptop is assembled with a responsive keyboard. Being a professional designer, you can smoothly roll your fingers over the keyboard. It will help you a lot in providing fast output on the screen due to this property.

Safety of Data

To make this laptop safe, you will find a fingerprint sensor. With this feature, you can easily lock your device with your fingerprint. Any other person will not get access to your data unless you give him an opportunity.

The fingerprint reader is made with appropriate material and technique. So, you can efficiently complete your task with this feature. Therefore, you will find this laptop secure and reliable for your work.

RAM Capacity

It is very rare to get a laptop with a RAM capacity of more than 16 GB. This laptop is one of the best laptops for Autocad 2022, in which you will find 32 GB RAM. Such a powerful RAM will enable you to work fastly and smoothly.

The results will not be affected by this feature. You will experience the fastest outcomes in your work with this RAM capacity. Due to all such features, you will find this laptop perfect for Autocad and other designing software.

You should get this laptop if you love to work with a decent colored product.

  • 4K display
  • Touchscreen
  • Long battery life
  • Durable and attractive
  • Automatic cooling system
  • Heavyweight
  • Thick base

3.Acer Spin 5 Convertible Laptop

Best Laptop for Autocad

Quick Features
  • Display Screen: 13.5’’
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • CPU Speed: 3.9 GHz

If you love to work with two in one laptops, then you should get this. It is the best laptop for Autocad regarding the number of features. You would not find it useless in any of the tasks of designing.

Long battery life

It is the best Acer laptop for Autocad due to its long battery life. For a designer, the battery life is much meaningful, which the manufacturer undertakes. The company has made the laptop workable for at least 15 hours.

It means that you will be able to use it for 15 hours without errors. The device will keep working without fluctuations. So, you can easily design a structure via Autocad with this machine.

Strong Connectivity

A laptop should be capable of connecting with wireless devices and networks like WiFi. This capacity will provide you interruption-free connection with the device. So, you would not find any error in the working of the software.

Further, a designer can easily share his designs with any other over the internet. With a single glimpse, you can send or receive heavy files too. In the same way, you can use multiple USB ports for a wired connection with any device.

In short, you will find it appropriate for any kind of connectivity.

360 Degree Rotation

A designer will have to do with a touchscreen and keyboard both. He might need to draw the design directly on the screen or need to write a phrase. So, he needs both these features with easy access.

Due to the feature of 360-degree rotation, you can easily rotate your laptop’s screen. A user will find it like a tablet and efficiently draw the desirable sketches or designs. In this way, it will act as two in one laptop.

Because of all such features, you will find it the best laptop for Autocad.

  • Lowest price
  • Dual working mode
  • Strong connectivity
  • Lightweight
  • High resolution
  • Small screen

4.CyberpowerPC Tracer III Slim

Best Laptop for Autocad

Quick Features
  • Display Screen: 15.6’’
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • CPU Speed: 2.6 GHz

This is the best laptop for Autocad architecture due to its multiple features. A designer will keep working for as much time as he needs. The computer will keep providing efficient and perfect results regarding the designing of any machine.

Stylish Body

The company has made this laptop stylish and innovative. A designer will become prominent with the help of its body and color. It is a black-colored laptop made with durable material. You can use this device for longer times.

Furthermore, the size of the laptop is just perfect for Autocad designing. Its 15.6 inches display screen will give you an eternal look at the image. You would not worry about any part of the image as everything will be in front of you.

High Graphics

With the help of its NVIDIA graphics card, you can efficiently complete your work. The problem of lower graphic card capacity will be resolved with this. You would not buy an extra graphic card for your appropriate work.

The laptop has a built-in graphic card to maintain the speed of the work. Moreover, you can quickly draw images or designs of multiple dimensions. It will not pause your work when you need a higher capacity of graphics.

Perfect for Night

The keyboard of this laptop has a lightning feature. These lights will be turned on when you are using them. So, it will be useful for use at night times. It is also placed among the best laptops for Autocad civil 3D 2022.

A designer will be able to see the keys of the keyboard correctly, even in dark fields. He would not need to find lights anywhere else or stop the work in the area. So, you should get this laptop for working in any kind of field.

Therefore, it is perfect for you to get this laptop and make your work efficient. With the help of the dual-band WiFi feature, you will experience excellent connectivity. In this way, it will not provide you slow connection and let you work smoothly.

  • LED display
  • Superior quality sound and picture
  • High-resolution graphics
  • Wider screen
  • Easy to carry
  • Slow processing speed

5.Samsung Galaxy Book Flex

Best Laptop for Autocad

Quick Features
  • Display Screen: 13.3’’
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • CPU Speed: 1.3 GHz

Samsung is serving the designer’s community with its unique laptops. This is one of those laptops that have become the desires of every designer. All the features of this laptop are admiring and appealing, including a display.

Wider Display Angle 

Mostly, a designer will not be able to look at the screen properly when he is just at the side of it. He can only examine the screen or image when he is sitting in front of it. This laptop has a wide display angle to overcome this problem.

A designer can look at the screen from any side of the laptop. He will get an efficient display even sitting on the side of the laptop’s screen. So, the restriction of chair exchanging has been removed with this feature.

QLED Display

Samsung has given this laptop unique display quality. For a construction planner, it is common to visit the place in the daylight. An ordinary laptop can not provide a clear display view in direct sunlight.

To resolve this problem, a QLED display is available on this laptop. With this vibrant display, you will get a clear and prominent display of the task. You would not look for a place where the light is not bright, but you can work at any site.

Extended Battery Life

To make it appropriate for all designers, the laptop has extended battery life. You can easily use it for up to 20 hours with a one-time charge. It means that you can use it and draw your designs in the field without looking for a charging spot.

Along with high processing capacity, this laptop is giving service of this extended battery life. In this way, it will be suitable for all kinds of users. With all such unique features like display, battery life, and storage, you should get this laptop.

In the last, you will find it the best budget laptop for Autocad. You would not need to invest a lot in getting this laptop. So, it will be inexpensive and efficient too.

  • Smooth touchscreen
  • Two in one product
  • Attractive color and features
  • Faster and strong connectivity
  • Long battery life
  • Slow processing
  • Small display screen

6.Microsoft Surface Laptop 2

Best Laptop for Autocad

Quick Features
  • Display Screen: 13.5’’
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • CPU Speed: 1.9 GHz

When you are looking for an innovative product, you can not ignore this Microsoft laptop. It is a lightweight, creative, and latest technology laptop. You can do any work related to designing using Autocad and other software with this machine.

More Power

With the help of a quality battery and other features, this laptop will provide you with more power. You can use it for 15 hours without any problem due to high capacity battery. Along with the latest processor, you will be able to design what you are looking for.

The laptop will not let you down during your work with this feature. A designer will be able to show professional results in the field. He will not have to excuse the client because of his lower power capacity.

Creative and Smooth Touch

Being a professional, you need your work to be done quickly. Yes, you can do this with its smooth and sensitive touchscreen. You can smoothly touch on the 13.5 inches screen and complete your work according to requirements.

In this way, you can draw your design without the aid of a keyboard. Just by grabbing your fingers on the screen, you can draw anything. The screen is made sensitive enough that your little touch will make it responsive.


As we discussed earlier that a designer needs to invest massive time in designing. That is why the manufacturer has made this a comfortable laptop. You can easily keep it on your computer or any table to use it properly.

For long-distance projects, you can easily keep it in your bag and take it anywhere. Furthermore, its slim body and lightweight will not make you tired. In addition, you will find it comfortable while using it for a long time.

Shortly, we can say that this laptop has admiring and efficient components. A designer will find all his necessary parts in it. Also, you can get a separate mouse or use a mousepad to work more fastly.

  • Vibrant display
  • Wireless projector connectivity
  • Separate pen to draw
  • LCD display
  • Lightweight laptop
  • Slow processing speed
  • Little expensive

7.Acer Aspire 5 A515-56-73AP

Best Laptop for Autocad

Quick Features
  • Display Screen: 15.6’’
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • CPU Speed: 4.7 GHz

Here is another best laptop for Autocad and Revit with unique features. Acer has manufactured this machine with almost every feature for a designer. There will not be a single process concerned with designers that you will not find in this laptop.

LED-Backlit Display

For ensuring the quality of the image, the designers have made it perfect. You will not find a single piece of your project blur on the screen. So, it is useful for getting the appropriate look of the image and working with it precisely.

Furthermore, its LED display is visual and clear enough for all designers. You do not need to worry about the display of the images or high-resolution pictures. It will show everything on the screen quickly and precisely.

Extended RAM 

With the help of 16 GB RAM, the laptop will be fast and responsive. It will help you a lot in completing the work quickly and moving forward. The expected results will be produced with this higher RAM capacity.

Moreover, you will experience professional outcomes with this speed. It will not slow down your laptop when using heavy designing software, including Autocad and Revit. This higher speed has become a prominent name in the list of best laptops for Autocad.

Secure to Use

For keeping your security prominent, the designers have given the feature of the fingerprint reader. No one will be able to access your data without your permission. The sensor is made sensitive too for easy unlock and use it quickly.

In short, the laptop has made responsive and high performance in all situations. You will find it useful in every aspect of your work, including display, battery life, and performance. With the help of heavy RAM capacity, it is made a high performance for designers.

It is one of those laptops for Autocad that are inexpensive too with such features. You will not find any other machine with the same specifications at such affordable prices.

  • HD display
  • Fingerprint reader
  • Slim keyboard
  • Responsive and smooth keys
  • Extendable RAM
  • Short battery
  • Not smooth base


Best Laptop for Autocad

Quick Features
  • Display Screen: 15.6’’
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 7
  • CPU Speed: 4.2 GHz

For a designer, a strong connection is an integral feature. You can not work correctly when you do have not stable connectivity to use Autocad. This laptop has multiple features for designers that we are going to discuss in the next few lines.

Heavy Battery

With the help of a 90WH battery, you can quickly start working with any software. The battery of this laptop will not get discharged quickly as other products do. You will be able to work for longer times along with fast results.

It can be used for working in any place. A designer would not need to stock with a charging spot while working on any project. He can go anywhere he wants and starts working there. In this way, the restriction of space will be removed with this device.

Fast Cooling

With the fixing of a heavy processor, it is common for a laptop to get heated. In such conditions, the performance of the laptop might be affected badly. So, the manufacturer has made this laptop extra-fast cool.

For this task, the efficient process of small fans has been adopted. This process will keep your system cool and workable. You will get desirable outcomes regarding speed and performance.

Number of Processors

It is a useful method to add multiple processors to keep the device fast and efficient. This laptop has eight processors to provide quick results. A designer would not need to wait for a response from the computer in this regard.

He will look at his work on the screen just after using the laptop. With the number of processors, the computer has made the fast, efficient, and useful for all people. So, you should get it to make your work professional and quick.

  • Wider screen
  • Additional SSD slots
  • Dual fan design
  • Lightweight body
  • Appealing and captivating
  • Little expensive

9.Prostar NH77DPQ

Best Laptop for Autocad

Quick Features
  • Display Screen: 17.3’’
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • CPU Speed: 2.2 GHz

Here is the laptop with the largest screen size. You will find it perfect for any kind of usage, including designing. It is the best laptop for Autocad because of its enough-sized screen. Further, you will get many other features that we are going to discuss here.

High Performance and Fast Processor

The manufacturer has made this device the fastest with the latest technology processor. Also, it has made it quick to get high performance and quick results. You would not need to worry about time management during the design of the project.

Further, the laptop is efficient for designers because of its high-performance feature. It will not get slow down when you have heavy software to work on. Besides, it will support every software for designing, including Autocad and Revit.

Wider Display

With the latest technology principles, the display of anything is made clear on the screen. It has a 17.3 inches wide screen to show the desirable results properly. The designer will get a full HD image on the screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

To get the appropriate outcomes in this regard, there are some other features too. You can quickly look at any part of the image with the Matte display. Due to all such features at an affordable price, it is the cheap and best laptop for Autocad.

Device for All

It is not restricted to the designing field only. You can use it for other tasks too without any problem. It will not affect your working speed and provide better results. For instance, you can also use it for gaming purposes.

The reason is the high performance and heavy-duty property. So, you will find a laptop for multiple tasks at such a reasonable price.

  • Strong connectivity
  • Built-in camera and speakers
  • Lightweight to carry
  • Wider screen
  • High graphic resolution
  • Difficult to carry

10.HP Spectre x360 GEM Cut

Best Laptop for Autocad

Quick Features
  • Display Screen: 13.3’’
  • RAM: 16 GB
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • CPU Speed: 1.30 GHz

When you are looking for the best hp laptop fr Autocad, you should get this. The reason behind its selection is the availability of multiple functions. You will not find a lack of any feature that might be useful for designing purposes.

Slim Body 

It is challenging for a designer to keep a laptop with him. The reason might be heavy body or thick that will make it bulky. So, this laptop is the best for Autocad because of its slim body.

You can keep it in your bag and carry it wherever you need it. Further, it will be easy for you to use this device by placing it at any point. You would not look for a specific table because you can use it by keeping it in the lap.

Pen Touch Feature

This device is admired by designers because of its touchscreen features. You can use this feature with your hand and pen as well. It means that you can draw on the screen directly with the help of this pen.

Further, you can make changes in your design with your fingers. You would not need to follow a complicated process to turn on this feature. You can quickly turn it on with simple steps and start working with it.

Secure and Attractive

With its slim body and attractive colors, it has been made attractive. You will become more prominent with this fantastic and unique laptop. It will not make you dull even after months. In the same pattern, it is made secure for the data of the user.

You can use the fingerprint feature to lock your device. It will be used to keep unauthorized persons away from your data and device. Therefore, it will not be only attractive only but the safest laptop for your personal and commercial usage.

  • Impressive and fast panel
  • Higher RAM capacity
  • Easy to carry
  • Lightweight for remote usage
  • Slow speed
  • Held some time

Buying Guide for (Best Laptop for Autocad)

It is neither an easy nor difficult process to get the best computers to run Autocad. You can get the perfect product just by looking at the following features. For a professional designer, it is essential to read the following sections properly.

Laptop’s Performance

Performance is the first thing you need to look for in the best laptop. Without a device having an appropriate performance dimension, you can not get desired results. It is simple for a buyer to look at the performance of the laptop.

A laptop’s performance depends on three components that include CPU, GPU, and RAM. For analyzing the CPU and GPU, you can easily compare it with other laptops. It will give you an estimation of the performance of the device.

RAM affects the performance of the device directly. The higher RAM will boost this factor, while the lower one will decrease it. So, you should get a laptop with a higher RAM capacity. It is recommended to get the laptop with an 8GB RAM capacity at least.


Every designer needs to look at his design properly. He should look at every part precisely and change it whenever he needs it. For this task, the resolution will help him a lot. Without enough resolution power, you can not complete your task with perfection.

Your laptop should have minimum resolution power of 1920 x 1080p. A designer will not look at his design appropriately and precisely without this capacity. In this mode, he will be able to zoom the image and make changes according to requirements.

Battery Life

For a designer, the battery is also another essential factor. It is not a task of minutes to design the structure of any building or machine using Autocad. You may have to invest considerable time in this regard to get the appropriate outcomes.

A device with a short battery life will not be the best computer for Autocad 2022. Your finalized laptop will have a battery life of at least one day. Then, it will enable you to work appropriately and fearlessly. You will not have to take breaks due to a power breakdown.

Graphics Capacity

You should choose the best graphics card for Autocad 2022. With the help of this, you will be able to precisely look at every part of your image. It will not make any part blur or be irresponsive while you are using it.

According to experts, a minimum 2 GB card would be capable of supporting Autocad. You may also use some other software, including Revit, with this capacity. But you should pick the graphics card of a higher power for durable results.

All the above features should be part of the best laptop for Autocad. Without any of them, you can not get the right and professional device. Further, it will affect your working speed and show unprofessional outcomes.

You may also analyze the storage capacity, display screen, and some other features. It is because you can get an estimation of the life of your machine.

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Which one is the best, i5 or i7 for Autocad?
Many people look for i5 vs i7 Autocad 2022 computers. The reason behind this question is the adoption of fast working outcomes. You can choose any of them because both are efficient. But you may also go with an i7 processor for a fantastic experience.
Is it right to get a tablet for Autocad?
No, you should go for the laptop to run Autocad. If you want to work on a tablet, you should get a dual-property computer. In this way, you can select a computer that may be turned into a tablet form.
Why do I need to look for the CPU speed for Autocad laptops?
CPU speed will determine how responsive your device will be. The fast devices will respond fast and keep your work reliable. That is why you should analyze the rate of CPU for getting an insight look.
What would be the minimum resolution power?
The minimum resolution power of a laptop for Autocad should be 1920 x 1080. This will provide you HD display of the image on the screen to quickly look at it and work properly with this.
Which is the essential part of a laptop for Autocad?
All the above features are essential for the best laptop for Autocad. You should not leave any feature from the above list. But you should look at the graphic card of the computer for better understanding. It will show you that how much heavy an image or design you can draw on it.

Final Verdict

The above list of laptops for Autocad 2022 is made with comprehensive research. You will experience the best results with any of them. No matter you are talking about display or resolution, you will find the perfect in all aspects. Furthermore, you would not need to worry about the working of any software. These will not restrict you from using any software for designing work.

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