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best laptops for writers

A long list of laptops is available out there with multiple features. Not every device is made to become the best laptop for writers. Like all other fields, writers need specific devices to work appropriately and effectively.

You can not imagine the better results if you do not have chosen the best laptop for writing notes. It will help you to get your work done in a short time. Also, the writer would not worry about any other kind of problems.

For our valuable readers, it is perfect for getting the best laptop for writers. The main reason is the comfortable feeling during the work. A person can not work with a computer properly without reliable functions.

To avoid any issues during the work, we have collected a list of the best laptop for writers 2022. You can choose any of them and make your work fantastic as well as quick. All the laptops are collected with the help of comprehensive research.

In addition, we will discuss all those features that the best laptop for writers must-have. You should also read them entirely and get the right product according to your concerns. In the last, you will get the best cheap laptop for writers too in this list.

So, you should stick with us till the end to get in touch with the desirable product. If you skip any of them, you will find it challenging to buy the best laptops for writers.

Let’s start reading about the specific features of the laptops for writers.

Top Picks For Best Laptop for Writers 2022

In this section, we will go through a list of the best budget laptop for writers 2022. You will get the answer of what is the best laptop computer for writers at the end of this section. Read the following product descriptions briefly, and you will get to know what you want.

If you need to get an instant in-depth look at the best laptops for writers, look at this table.

Acer Swift 3

Best Laptops for Writers

  • CPU Speed: 4.7 GHz
  • Processor Count: 4
  • Battery: 1 Lithium ion
  • Display Technology: LED
CHUWI HeroBook Pro

Best Laptops for Writers

  • CPU Speed: 2.6 GHz
  • Processor Count: 2
  • Battery: 1 Lithium ion
  • Display Technology: N/A
HP 2020 Newest Pavilion

Best Laptops for Writers

  • CPU Speed: 1.2 GHz
  • Processor Count: 2
  • Battery: 1 Lithium ion
  • Display Technology: LED

Top 10 Best Laptop for Writers, Journalists, and Bloggers

Sr.NoName Price
1Acer Swift 3 Check Price
2CHUWI HeroBook Pro Check Price
3HP 2020 Newest Pavilion Check Price
4New Dell Inspiron 15 Check Price
5ASUS VivoBook 15 Check Price
6New Apple MacBook Pro Check Price
7Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Check Price
82020 HP Stream Check Price
92020 Newest HP Check Price
102020 Lenovo Ideapad 3 Check Price

1.Acer Swift 3

Best Laptops for Writers

Quick Features
  • Screen Size: 14’’
  • Fingerprint Reader: Yes
  • Battery life: 16 hours
  • Item Weight: 2.65 Lb

If you are analyzing for the best laptop size for writers, then you should get this. The writer would not need to focus more on the routine. It will assure you of a clear and distinct look while using this device.

High Performance

The best laptops for writers are those which will provide you high-performance results. Without this feature, the laptop will not be able to show the expected results. This laptop has been manufactured by keeping this factor in view.

The internal storage, RAM, and processors are made powerful for this reason. Being a writer, you can type or research hundreds of pages with this laptop. It will not get heated even after long-term usage.

In short, the laptop will keep providing results and services until you need it. You should find it quick and efficient throughout your work.

Long Battery Life

As mentioned earlier that the battery life is much essential for writers. This laptop by Acer has been made with this vision to provide long-term usage with a single charge. It has a battery life of more than 16 hours that is much far from other laptops.

You would not need to stop charging this laptop and restart your work. It will keep working until you shut it down for this extended range of time. Therefore, it is right to say that this is the best portable laptop for writers.

You can take it with you to any place and use it whenever you need it.


For a blogger, it is essential to look at the portable nature of the laptop. It is only possible when you have chosen the light body laptop. With a heavyweight laptop, it would be difficult for you to take it and use it comfortably.

This is the best laptop for bloggers because of its light body. Due to its lightweight, you do not need any kind of specific tool for keeping it. You can comfortably take it wherever you want and use it because of its long battery life.

  • Heavy Processor
  • Feasible Size
  • Thin Body
  • Lightweight
  • Smooth Keyboard
  • Little Bit Sxpensive

2.CHUWI HeroBook Pro

Best Laptops for Writers

Quick Features
  • Screen Size: 14.1’’
  • Fingerprint Reader: Yes
  • Battery life: 9 hours
  • Item Weight: 3.06 Lb

Here is the slimmest laptop for writers in the entire market by CHUWI. This laptop is made efficient and stylish both by looking at every dimension. You would not find it useless or dull in any of the measurements regarding all features.

Full-Size Keyboard

Most of the best laptops for blogging and writing include the small keyboard. Such keyboards are fixed inside the frame of the laptop but have small buttons and keys. This laptop has resolved this problem by providing a full-size keyboard.

The entire base of the laptop will act as a keyboard. So, you would not have to restrict this feature while using it for writing notes. You can use all keys appropriately without working hard.

Further, the keys are smooth enough to work quickly. It will sense your touch and type the content efficiently. Due to all such qualities, it is the best laptop for writers.

Powerful Battery

The designers have fixed a powerful battery in it to make it responsive. It will respond to your queries and actions just after providing commands. In this way, you will see the results of the input fastly without wasting any time.

Moreover, it will allow you to work continuously for a long time. The battery will last in 9 hours that is an excellent time to write a document. So, you do not need a power bank or turn on the power-saving mode for extending battery life.

Perfect Display

With a sufficient screen size, it will display the content on the screen. You will see every single word on it clearly without paying full attention. In this way, it will not only be useful in working dimensions but also in your health category.

The laptop screen will take care of your eyesight because of its comfortable size. Besides, it has variations in screen brightness. So, you can easily adjust the brightness and keep it reliable for your eyes.

With all such features, it is the best laptop for writers.

  • Sensitive fingerprint
  • Smooth keyboard
  • Larger keyboard back-lit
  • Reasonable price
  • Slim and light
  • Ordinary battery life

3.HP 2020 Newest Pavilion

Best Laptops for Writers

Quick Features
  • Screen Size: 14’’
  • Fingerprint Reader: No
  • Battery life: N/A
  • Item Weight: 3.55 Lb

Sometimes, you need a device to write on without keys in the form of hard buttons. This laptop from HP is the best for such reasons. For example, you want to write and take a rest both at the same time, you need this laptop.

Flexible Design

It is difficult for a writer to sit on a chair and write all the time. He needs some rest for his health safety. But he can not leave his work incomplete being a professional. For such situations, you need a laptop with a flexible structure.

HP has given a rotation of the keyboard with 360 degrees. It means that you can turn the screen even on the opposite side and work on the laptop. In simple words, you can easily use it as a tablet during your work.

So, you can easily use this light laptop even if you are lying down on your bed.

Touch Screen Feature

For a writer, it is the best touchscreen laptop for writers. The screen is made sensitive enough to catch every single moment of your fingers. You can quickly type your document with the help of the entire screen.

Further, you do not get tired of the heavy or hard buttons of the keyboard. So, it is the perfect option for working with reliable and comfortable outcomes. You would not need to think about working dimensions.

Processor Capacity

Usually, touchscreen laptops become slow when you use them continuously. This laptop has a heavy processor to overcome this problem. It means that it will not leave you waiting while browsing a program or any application.

With the higher processing power, it is the best laptop for writers two in one. You would be able to work with it appropriately and quickly. In short, it has all those features that are compulsory for a writer to work professionally.

  • 8 GB RAM
  • Wider screen
  • Built-in camera
  • High-performance speaker
  • Quality material
  • Breakable with little push

4.New Dell Inspiron 15

Best Laptops for Writers

Quick Features
  • Screen size: 15.6’’
  • Fingerprint Reader: Yes
  • Battery Life: N/A
  • Item Weight: 3.72 Lb

The most advanced and reliable laptop for writers is there. You will find maximum features for your professional working on this laptop. It will not leave a bad impact on your work no matter what kind of work that is.

Thermal variations

The most common problem for every writer is that the laptop will get warm after some time. It is difficult for a writer to keep working with the device in such conditions. In this way, it will affect the working of the user badly.

The designers have added a thermal sensor to overcome this problem. It will sense the conditions and place where you are using it. In simple words, it will sense when you are using it, be keeping it on the table or in the lap.

Then, it will automatically adjust the thermal features and properties. In this way, you can use it without facing heat problems.

Strong connecting power

Many times, you need a strong WiFi connection for your smooth work. But you have seen that the laptop will lose signals when you move a little far from the router. You will not face such conditions while using this laptop.

It is because of the strong connectivity power of the laptop. A higher capacity card for connecting with multiple devices has been used. So, you would get a smooth connection over a larger area of your house.

Safe and Secure

A writer would have to secure his information and projects. For this reason, he may have to download a specific application from the internet. This laptop will not demand any program of such features.

The reason is that you will get a fingerprint sensor in it. Being a writer, you can easily use this feature to access your laptop and turn it on. Not a single person will be able to access your information without your permission.

Due to all such features, it is the best lightweight laptop for writers.

  • Lightening Keyboard
  • Latest Sensors
  • Thermal Variations
  • Extended Battery
  • Resolution Power
  • Extra Section on the Bottom

5.ASUS VivoBook 15

Best Laptops for Writers

Quick Features
  • Screen Size: 15.6’’
  • Fingerprint Reader: Yes
  • Battery Life: N/A
  • Item Weight: 3.75 Lb

If you are asking for a smooth and good-looking laptop, then you should get this. The designers have manufactured this device by keeping all the essential features in view. It will provide you all the expected features for a writer.

Size and Resolution

It is one of those laptops that have perfect size along with resolution power. The size of this laptop is wider than any other laptop of the same specifications. You will see 15 inches screen, which will show you the document appropriately.

In addition, the resolution power will add something regarding the distinct look of the document. Furthermore, you will be able to see everything on the screen correctly without paying focus. It will not hide a single dot from the user and show it for perfect results.

Responsive Keyboard

Being a writer, you need a laptop with having a fast and responsive keyboard. It means that the computer should start writing just after sensing the motion of your fingers. So, you will finally get this feature in this laptop of ASUS.

Along with the responsive features, the material of the keyboard is satisfactory and of superior quality. Your fingers will not get hurt because of soft and reliable material. You can use it for longer times due to such material.

Sound Quality

No doubt, sound quality does not matter during the writing of a document. But you need to check this because it will come your way while working on some specific projects. This laptop will provide you high-quality sound because of its fine material.

In short, it is the best laptop for writers containing the entire material.

  • Durable and Attractive
  • Secure Laptop
  • Higher Storage Capacity
  • Reasonable Price
  • Smooth Keyboard
  • Little Heavier

6.New Apple MacBook Pro

Best Laptops for Writers

Quick Features
  • Screen Size: 13’’
  • Fingerprint Reader: Yes
  • Battery Life: 20 hours
  • Item Weight: 3 Lb

Apple is one of the most famous companies in the manufacturing of laptops. If you are wondering what is the best apple laptop for writers, you should look at this. Here is the best laptop by Apple for writers with outstanding features.

Innovative and lightweight

Apple has introduced this laptop best for writers by making it innovative. All the latest and perfect features have been added to this product. You will find all those qualities that are essential for a freelance writer.

You will get a built-in camera for attending meetings and providing better results. Further, you can take this laptop for writings or meetings at any place. With its lightweight body, you would be able to keep it in your bag and move anywhere.

The laptop will not hurt your shoulders or body due to its weight.

Quick charging

This Macbook pro has an extra feature of quick charging. You can quickly charge it entirely within a short time and keep using it for a longer time. Being a professional writer, you can use it for 20 hours with a one-time charge only.

The main reason is the quality battery cells of this device. It is the best computer for writers by the fantastic brand of the world.


To unlock any device, you need to wait for some time until the processor starts working. But you would not need to wait for minutes while using this laptop. You can secure your data with a manual password or using a fingerprint sensor.

In both cases, you will turn it on whenever you need it. The laptop starts showing results just after getting unlock password. So, you should get this responsive laptop for writers to make your professional.

  • Sensitive Touch Bar
  • Perfectly Assembled
  • Superior Quality Material
  • Built-in Quality Camera
  • Multiple Colors
  • Bit Expensive

7.Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Best Laptops for Writers

Quick Features
  • Screen Size: 13.5’’
  • Fingerprint Reader: Yes
  • Battery Life: 11.5 hours
  • Item Weight: 3.4 Lb

Here is an outstanding and elegant laptop from Microsoft with all the essential features. There is not a single feature that is unavailable on this laptop. It will ensure that you will get access to all the necessary features you might need in your task.

Thin and Light Laptop

For making it useful for all writers, the body of this laptop has been made slim. You will find it easy to carry and control because of your slim body. Further, this light body laptop will not make any hurdles in your work.

You can easily keep it in your lap or on your legs whenever you want. Due to its lightweight, you would not get tired for long times and keep working on it.

Fast and Responsive

The processor of this laptop is powerful enough to make your work fast. You will get your results quickly just after inputting the data. It will start showing what you are doing on the screen.

Because of the heavy processors, it will not hold in between your work. So, it will not create any problems regarding your job. You will be able to get the exact and desirable results with this product.

Quick Charging

It is the best mini laptop for writers, along with fast charging feature. You would not need to wait for the whole year to get the battery charged fully. The quality battery will be charged in few minutes and start providing services.

If your laptop has a 0% battery, then it may take 1 hour to fully charged. This is amazing for a computer to get charged in such a short time. Therefore, you should get this to avoid any problems regarding work efficiency and quick outcomes.

  • Faster than Previous
  • Attractive and Decent Design
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple Ways to Connect
  • Quick Charging
  • Small Screen
  • Short Battery For Some Tasks

8.2020 HP Stream

Best Laptops for Writers

Quick Features
  • Screen Size: 14’’
  • Fingerprint Reader: N/A
  • Battery Life: N/A
  • Item Weight: 3.24 Lb

HP is here with another fantastic product of this category. Due to higher performance features, this laptop has gained the interest of a vast number of writers. It will not disappoint you during the entire work because 4 GB RAM to smooth and fast.

Attractive And Durable

This laptop has the white color of the entire structure. It will provide the user a fantastic look while using it at any place. You can use it while you are with your friends or at any public place.

The designers have not made it attractive only but durable too. So, you can enjoy the working of this laptop for longer times. In this way, it will make you appealing for many months.

Power Saving Laptop

For a writer, the battery timing matters a lot. He turns on the power-saving mode for extending the battery life of his device. This laptop has a built-in feature to save power even when the user has not turned it on.

With this quality, it will work for longer times with one-time charging. It will not affect the brightness or any other feature of the laptop. But it is a built-in feature to enhance battery efficiency while using it for a lengthy task.

Laptop For All

Because of smooth working, you can use this device for any task of your life. With the help of a processor and feasible size, you can use it for gaming, writing, editing, and many other tasks.

So, you can get this laptop without defining your concerns. In the last, it can be used by multiple persons having different concerns with this feature.

  • Higher resolution
  • Multiple connecting capacities
  • Easy to control
  • Perfect colors and dimensions
  • Fantastic keyboard
  • Becomes dull shortly

9.2020 Newest HP

Best Laptops for Writers

Quick Features
  • Screen Size: 14’’
  • Fingerprint Reader: N/A
  • Battery Life: N/A
  • Item Weight: 3.24 Lb

Some writers love to work with old laptops. The reason is the decent style and appropriate typing speed. If you are one of them, then get this laptop. It is because you will find it similar to your previous laptop.

Upgraded laptop

It is not the latest model of laptop for writers. But this is the best laptop for writers because of its efficient results. The designers have upgraded this product to make it more reliable and fast.

With the addition of fantastic features, you would be able to use it for many years. Further, it will not demand from to get practice to increase your working speed.

Smooth and Responsive keyboard

The entire keyboard has been made smooth enough to work appropriately. Every writer will use it with comfort and getting tired. You can quickly get it from the market and start working professionally.

The responsive feature of this laptop will sense what you are going to type. In this way, it will boost the auto-correct option and make your writing efficient. So, you do not need to check every single word of the document after completing it.


For making it a fast device, it has a powerful processor. It will not let the laptop heat up and provide slow results. Also, the laptop will keep working even if you have been used it for the whole day.

Lastly, it will not be stuck between your work and keep on working with reliable features. Therefore, you should get this laptop for writing documents of your concern.

  • Efficient Port
  • Durable Material
  • Upgraded Laptop
  • Perfectly Assembled Keyboard
  • Expensive Laptop
  • Small Screen

10.2020 Lenovo Ideapad 3

Best Laptops for Writers

Quick Features
  • Screen Size: 15.6’’
  • Fingerprint Reader: N/A
  • Battery life: 7.5
  • Item Weight: 7.09 Lb

Here is a platinum gray laptop by Lenovo with fantastic features. With an excellent color combination, it is the best laptop for writers regarding resolution and size. You will find it appropriate for all kinds of tasks regarding writings.

Wider Display

It has a wider screen with full display mode. You can watch it appropriately and write on your topic. Due to its wider screen, it is the perfect laptop for all freelance writers. It will not affect their eyesight and keep them safe during work.

With this feature, you can also look at this device from a distance. You do not need to zoom your document for an appropriate look, as it will show you desirable results already.

Resolution Power

This laptop has excellent resolution power to make every single dot clear on the screen. You do not need any extra steps to look at the little part of any image. It will help you to look at such images or documents quickly.

Further, the display quality is much better to work with this device for longer times. This laptop will support any image to look and work appropriately.

Wireless Connection

Due to quality material, it can make a strong connection with any device. It will help you a lot while you are away from the router or any other device. You will be able to communicate with anyone over the internet and keep working in such conditions too.

  • Powerful Processor
  • Quality Speaker
  • Multiple Connectivities
  • Reasonable Price
  • Perfect Graphics
  • Short Battery Life
  • Heavy Laptop
  • Difficult to Carry

Buying Guide for (Best Laptop for Writers)

All the fields in the world demand specific devices and tools. In the same way, the tools should have some properties to fulfill the requirements of the work. For getting the best laptop for freelance writers in 2022, you need to look for the following features.

It will help you a lot in getting the right one and avoiding the wrong product.

Screen Size

Best Laptops for Writers

For a writer, it does not matter what kind of resolution the laptop is providing. You should look for appropriate resolution capacity for writing on it. The critical feature is the size of the screen that will show the display size.

The best laptop for content writers is the one that has an appropriate size screen. Being a writer, you need to focus on the screen and complete your work. You can not show efficient work unless you look at the screen or laptop properly.

Further, you need to stare at the screen every minute. The best laptop for writers and bloggers is the one that will provide you a clear image. The look of the screen should neither be extensive nor be small. It should be of appropriate size for extracting better results.

All such sections can only be covered with laptops having an appropriate screen. So, you should analyze the screen size and get the larger one.

Keyboard Nature and Material
Best Laptops for Writers

Among other components, the keyboard is also another essential component. The best keyboard for writers laptop is the one which has made with appropriate material. Usually, the buttons are the focal point as the writers have to use them often.

All the keys of the keyboard should be smooth and reliable. It is because you will be able to use it for longer times without getting tired. The material of the keys should not be of such time to hurt your fingers.

For this, you need to choose the best laptop keyboard for writers. Along with smooth buttons, the keyboard should be responsive. It should start typing quickly just after you touch the keyboard.

This feature will also boost your speed and complete your work quickly. You would not need to spend a whole day writing a document. But you can fast type your paper in a shorter time.

Processor Capacity

Best Laptops for Writers

No doubt, the processor is not such an integral component as for other fields like graphic designing. But you can not ignore this factor while choosing the best laptop computers for writers.

The reason is easy to understand for all persons. You can not write quickly when your laptop is not showing what you are typing. For the experienced writer, it is compulsory to keep the focus on the screen and write attentively.

With an efficiently working processor, it will show you the words as you are typing. There will be no dilation between typing and display. So, you will be able to get the appropriate presentation of words during your work.

Moreover, most of the laptops become slow while you are using them for longer times. In such conditions, these will become warm and show no relevant results. With the help of heavy processors, the best laptop for freelance writers will deliver efficient outcomes.

So, you should not ignore the processor capacity and power.

Weight of laptop

Best Laptops for Writers

For a writer, it is common to travel from one place to another. It is because he needs some ideas and creativity to write on with accurate information. Also, it matters a lot when you are a travel writer or blogger.

The best writing laptop 2022 for travel writers is the one which has lightweight. You will be comfortable while keeping it in your bag for long-distance trips. It will enable you to use it and write your thoughts at any place.

In the last, the lightweight laptop will not make hurdles during travel. Whether you want to use these laptops on mountains or in the room, these will provide you better results.

Battery Life

Best Laptops for Writers

This factor is the integral one regardless of the nature of the work you want to do. You should analyze this factor deeply when you are buying a laptop. A laptop will not be best unless it has extended battery life.

Being a professional writer, you need a laptop with long battery timing. Such features will not restrict you from using them. In this way, you would not need to stop during your work and charge it.

As a result, it will enable you to complete your work quickly without any problems.

All the above features are essential for getting the best windows laptop for writers 2021. You can not get the right product without any of the above features. For making the selection process easy, we have made a list of excellent laptops for writers.

We also review the best laptops for nursing students.


May I upgrade the hard disk of a laptop?

Usually, it depends on the model and brand of the laptop. Because all companies or laptops do not offer it, you can easily do it with simple steps if you want to do this. If your computer has an extra spot to place a hard disk, add it. Otherwise, you need to replace this hard disk with a new one having more storage capacity.

Will it be suitable for a writer to use a touchscreen laptop?

It is good enough when you have tried by working with buttons. Sometimes, your fingers become hurt after typing a document. In such situations, you may use this feature and work only by clicking on the screen. It will make the work easier and reliable for you.

Does every laptop for writers have a DVD player?

It is not available with all laptops. You should check it before buying the product. If you need this, you should analyze it and contain the material of the product.

Should I get a program for changing the laptop’s brightness?

No, it is not compulsory. You can simply change the brightness of any laptop by looking in the control panel. It is a much easier process to adjust the brightness, layout, screen resolution, and many other features from this section.

What should be the ideal battery life of a laptop?

For a writer, the battery of a laptop should be more than 12 hours at least. The laptop with lower battery life than this one is not the best. It is because you may leave your work in between when the laptop has not had sufficient power.

Our Verdict

The above list and features are essential for the best laptops for writers. You should go through these products and qualities properly to get the expected results. After checking them, you will make a clear image of the laptop you need to get. So, you should not avoid any of them for better and more professional work in the future. For a professional writer, you can also get a laptop from the above list. In this way, you will get the right product with your valuable money.

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